Transference – Gamescom 2018: Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer | PS4, PS VR

Take an all new look at Transference gameplay footage, as you journey deeper into a corrupted mind.

Available on September 18th, 2018.

Transference™ is a psychological thriller and the first game collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft. Bridging the gap between movies and games, we invite you to lose yourself in the destructive tale of a man’s obsession as you explore his digitally recreated memories.

Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind. With Transference, we are bringing a first-person exploration game into a chilling new dimension. You will be plunged into the experiment of a troubled scientist, a corrupted digital simulation of his family formed using their collective brain data. Shift between the three perspectives of a family and unravel the mystery hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller.


Rated Mature:
Strong Language

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