$250 Funko Pop Mystery Box From 7 Bucks a Pop! HUGE Haul!

Epic $250 Funko Pop Mystery Box Haul from 7 Bucks a Pop! Unboxing another Epic Funko Pop Haul!

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These are the paint pens I reccomend, and use, for all of my funko pop autographs.
This is the Lapel mic I use for some of my videos, sounds great and is only $20!
This is the tripod I use for all of my in studio videos, about 5 feet tall, $23, and I love it!
This is the UV flashlight I use to really make all of my Glow Pops SHINE! For $13 its a no brainer
This is my budget lighting kit I use for all of my videos. $60 bucks all in, and for a budget, its fantastic.
This is the shotgun mic I use in my videos, another budget option that works fantastic for under $30.
This is the tripod I use for my smart phone, another great budget option that works very well.
This is the camera I use to shoot my videos.

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