T-Rex Attack – Jurassic World Fan Movie

T-Rex Attack – Jurassic World in Real Life Fan Movie

Directed By :- Mohit Bhadana
VFX & Edited By :- Mohit Bhadana
Starring By :- Gourav Bhadana
Support By :- Vikash Bhadana

Instagram :- themohitbhadana

This Video is Shoot with Realme 2 Pro, Oneplus 7 Pro and Canon 200D.

Softwares Used :- Blender, Natron, Davinci Resolve and also Edited Some part with Mobile.


T-Rex Dinosaur Model by Ben Jewer and Animated, Composited By Mohit Bhadana.

T-Rex Skeleton Video Purchased By PixelBoom.it

Effects Purchased By ActionVfx.com

T-Rex Sound FX By Dimitris Galatas.


Music Credits :-

1. Documentary Background Music By Infraction –

2. Horror Suspense Music By Infraction –

3. Jingle Punks Music – Song: “Jingle Punks – Cataclysmic Molten Core [Epic]” Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/Ue9ItPhn75M


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