-The Flash- Fan Film-Magnaphaze Productions-

This fan film is in no way associated with DC or Warner Brothers and is a non profit fan film made for fans by fans.

Note: this movie, is kindof PG-13ish. This is only because it has mild violence, it really is around a PG rating but it does contain some violence and blood.

Warning: at (55:16-55:24 ) into this movie. There is a scene where there are rapidly blinking or strobing lights.

Synopsis: Barry Allen, the Flash, is known as the fastest man alive, but is he really? Flash struggles with new villains and obstacles that arise within his life and he begins to question if he really is the fastest man alive. However, fastest man alive or not, Barry Allen is ready to take on any immense and dangerous force threatening his city, Central City.

Details: This fan film has been in production since May of 2017 and has been Magnaphaze Production’s hardest project yet! I hope you guys enjoy the film! Make sure to like, share, leave a comment, and subscribe to keep updated on our latest content!

Main Cast
Barry Allen- Matthew Ferguson
Glen Iris- Will Ashley
Jason Folgers- Christian Allen
Oswald M- Drake Wigley
Sicarrio- Caleb Hilley
Supportive Extra- Tanner Gatewood

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Flash Trailer 2- https://youtu.be/FgA1j7JQ9Tw

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All of the Music used in this film is not owned nor created by Magnaphaze Production.

Soundtrack Artists
1. Blake Neely
2. Steven Price
3. Danny Elfman
4. Michael Giacchino
5. The Action Band
6. Intermediate Music
7. Twelve Titans Music
8. Alan Silvestri

Song Artists
1. Electric Light Orchestra
2. Earth, Wind, and Fire
3. Burt Bacharach
4. Johann Sebastian Bach
5. DJ Snake and Lil Jon

Special thanks to our fans for continuing to view our channel and support us! Thank you to Lukas Laney, my parents and grandparents, and the Wigley Family

Thank you so much to Ismahawk for being role models and being a constant inspiration during the long process of making this Film! Go check out Ismahawk’s Channel!

Ismahawk- https://www.youtube.com/user/IsmaHAWK

Special thanks to the wonderful cast of this film! The movie would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication for over a year! Thankyou guys so much and I can’t wait for future projects!

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