Attack on Titan Final Season | SEASON FINALE TRAILER

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  1. Trailers like a fast and furious trailer

  2. man, i don't want this to end.. i feel sad.

  3. Ima miss this show so bad man 😪

  4. a freakin day after the Season 5 of MHA comes out are freaking serious

  5. hope the world doesn’t end by the time this shi comes out

  6. or many they plan on making a 1 hour + final episode to cover everything

  7. We’ve come a long way. From where we began.

  8. I had not considered it but… maybe they just don't do the Rumbling. The shitshow if that happened would be kinda incredible.

  9. This Anime should have been longer

  10. The music doesn't match aots vibe. It needed to be more dark and ominous

  11. And there was a part 2 C’mon. We all know it’s inevitable.

  12. It ain’t a season finale, just the end of the first half of season 4. They’re probably gonna do what happened with season 3 when they split it into two parts.

  13. Gracias internet explorer

  14. Im consfused. This is the end of the season right? Are they going to make the last two episodes extra long? or what?

  15. Who else thinks Levi is gonna die next episode

  16. This show ends on my birthday now i have two things to be hype about

  17. Quien le enseñó a hacer trailers a estos weones, que manera de spoilear escenas importantes

  18. I've been waiting for another trailer to come out

  19. The most Titanic Season. I see what you did there, 😉

  20. My soul is simply not ready for the end of Shingeki no Kyojin 😭😭

  21. aot with doom style music, good stuff

  22. the season 4 trailer literally has events from 118, 121 and 122. it's pretty obvious that if it's already planned to happen in this season, that it's gonna be in a part 2

  23. Most likely there will be a part 2 or movie. So far, they have kept the show in perfect pace and adapted each chapter perfectly, I doubt they would cram in an ending in the last 3 episodes XD

  24. Anyone else get Doom vibes from the music in the second half of the trailer?

  25. It’s all fun and jokes until it ends on ‘based on a true story’

  26. Se les fue la mano mostrando que Annie volvia

  27. This was fire?! I’m gonna miss this show so much.

  28. narutoooooooooooooooooooo

  29. Good thing its ending

  30. Doesn't end here but ye sure whatever

  31. But this isn't new footage 🙁

  32. Just wait for Shingeki no Kyojin: The Lastest Season

  33. Honestly that trailer didn't hype me up at all maybe cause I've already been watching it or maybe the trailer just was a poor quality? But I don't know man