Replica (2021) – SciFi Short Film

“A modern-day period where two masterminds create a groundbreaking series of synthetic beings, made to replicate humans. Their patents for development are banned by the government. Leading to one of them, Dr. Wily, being sentenced to life in prison, for attempting a coup d’état, while the other, Dr. Knox, continues to further his research and build on what they started. Seemingly out of the blue, Dr. Knox is visited by a curious investor who hopes to acquire a special set of Replicas…”


We as the creators of Replica are always inspired by other works, and in turn, inspire others. Art is a cycle and everyone borrows from the creative well of others. In this case we were inspired by classic movies like The Matrix and Blade Runner, while also channeling are roots as gamers, with another core inspiration being the Megaman X series

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