Disneys Encanto Teaser Trailer – Watch NOW Animated Movie

Disneys Encanto Teaser Trailer – Watch NOW Animated Movie

Disneys Encanto Teaser Trailer – Watch NOW Animated Movie

Disney's Encanto | Teaser Trailer

Disneys Encanto Teaser Trailer – Watch NOW


You’re invited into the exceptional, fantastical and magical Casa Madrigal. 🦋✨ Watch the new trailer for Disney’s Encanto now! See the movie this November.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto,” is the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The all-new original film features the voice of Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel, an ordinary 15-year-old who’s struggling to find her place in her family. “Mirabel is a really funny, loving character who also deeply yearns for something more,” says Beatriz. “She’s also not afraid to stand up for what she knows is right—something I love and relate to very much.

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  1. Reminds me of Co-Co.!!

  2. I love it the movie means love 💘
    I have got to see this

  3. Hi Walt Disney animation studios if you guys are the creators of Disney princess Palace pets AKA Mr Hayden can you guys make even more seasons for Elsa and Anna's Palace pets Merida's Palace pets and moana's Palace please guys if are the creators of Disney princess Palace pets please thank you goodbye



  6. It's AWS love to watch ❤️

  7. Me gustaba mas el otro titulo:


  8. It's predictable…Mirabel has butterflies all over her dress, in all the cartoon design. Butterfly is a symbol of late ripening, because it spends more than half of its life in a form of a caterpillar. So she's gonna get her gift eventually. Another safe bet is to make a cartoon about a family of superheroes. It always works.

  9. What. The. F- oh wait its disney.. What the 'Fantastical'

  10. I think that’s Luz Nocedas VA?!

  11. This is freakin amazingggg ahhhhh

  12. Her power is being useless jk (͡°͜ʖ͡°) it's creaming 🙄


  14. esta pelicula me recuerda a mohana y coco. Algo mesclado diria

  15. Sooooo, what will she be the number one of.

    We all ready have the guys who want to become the number one hero and wizard king.

  16. So Mirabel is Dora but with glasses? Kay

  17. Eh- maybe..

    With songs by Lin Manuel Miranda- You were saying?

  18. Eh? No thanks. I want original stories that aren't driven by culture.

  19. Disney has an obsession with making these type of animated videos

  20. I know the songs are going to be fantastic because Lin-Manuel Miranda made them!!

  21. Mirabel, the 7th element is love.

  22. Let me guess, she has the power of love or something

  23. Sounds like it will end with her having the most powerful gift or not needing one. But what if the conclusion was AcTuLly that her gift IS being in denial? Or what if the conclusion is that she just accepts she doesn’t have one?

  24. the premise is bad, her 'gift' will be something sappy and stupid.