Why Samsung Owns EVERYTHING: The Dark Truth

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How A Fish Seller Built An Unstoppable Empire (The Controversial Samsung Story) – how did Samsung go from a grocery store to one of the biggest business empires in the world? Samsung not only dominate in tech, but many other industries you may not even realize. Welcome to another MagnatesMedia mini business movie, telling the INSANE Controversial Samsung Story! 😉

00:00 How Big is Samsung? The Incredible Samsung Story
04:55 A Dynasty of Corruption
10:36 Thanks to Public For Sponsoring This Video
11:47 The Exploding Phone

We go on a journey from how Samsung began, up until present day, looking at the huge size of Samsung and the many industries it operates in, along with their biggest marketing disaster ever.

An important note: With all of these business stories, the intention is not to try and single out one specific company. I make videos about LOTS of different companies, this episode just happens to be about Samsung. I have absolutely nothing against Samsung, and in fact I use their products myself. The purpose of these videos is simply to summarise the interesting stories behind many different big businesses.

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I hope you enjoy the story of Samsung!

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