Versace: A True Story of Wealth & Murder

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The story of Versace – Versace is a luxury fashion brand known for its bright colors, revealing clothing, and the famous Medusa logo. Today, the company is worth well over $2 billion dollars, and yet it was all started by a kid who came from an extremely poor small town. (In 2018, Capri Holdings bought the Versace brand for $2.12 billion dollars.) Versace‚Äôs rise to the top in the world of luxury fashion is incredible – however this is not just a business success story. In this business mini movie about Versace’s history, we’ll look at how Versace began, how the company grew and Versace became a millionaire, and how it all ended so tragically for Gianni Versace.

Versace: A True Story of Wealth & Murder
Who Killed Versace?
How Versace Died
Versace: A Story of Luxury, Wealth & Death

00:00 Prologue
00:41 The Early Life of Gianni Versace (Chapter 1)
03:49 Spreading His Wings (Chapter 2)
07:18 Growing The Versace Brand (Chapter 3)
10:29 The Assassination (Chapter 4)
12:56 The Aftermath (Chapter 5)
15:41 Versace Today (Chapter 6)

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