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5 MCU Costume Upgrades (And 5 Who Got Downgraded)

5 MCU Costume Upgrades And Downgrades From The Comics

You know what makes a great superhero? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the supervillains or the super powers. No, the single best thing that makes or breaks a superhero is the costume. You could be the strongest, fastest, most invincible-est hero in the world but if you have a lame costume all people are going to do is laugh at you. The MCU has done a mostly great job in adapting their hero’s costumes from their comic counterparts to give us something incredible, but other times, let’s be real, the adaptations totally fall flat.

Like on one hand, Captain America may have had a rough start in the costume department in his early films, especially in The Avengers, but after that, he got a serious costume upgrade and every appearance after that looked incredibly awesome. It improved on his comic look which was already memorable! Or look at the way the MCU has adapted Falcon’s costume in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV show. His MCU costume started off bland and uninteresting, perhaps too afraid to embrace the red and white color of his comic counterpart out of fear of looking silly. But the way his current costume both honors the comic books while also being a tactical and efficient supersuit is amazing! Plus, you have people like Scarlet Witch who started with a non-existent superhero costume but now has received one of the best makeovers in the entire MCU!

But it’s not all upgrades. Today’s list also includes those heroes whose costume jumps from comic to live action didn’t pan out so well. They include heroes like Hawkeye, Hulk and Vision! So go ahead and check out the video all about MCU Avenger Costumes right now! What are you waiting for? Thanks for watching Screen Rant! Let’s get started.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Captain America
1:16 Hawkeye
2:09 The Falcon
2:53 The Hulk
3:44 Scarlet Witch
4:24 Vision
5:18 Mysterio
6:04 Drax
6:54 Ant-Man
7:42 Quicksilver

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