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A FINAL STAND A Star Wars Fan Film

A FINAL STAND A Star Wars Fan Film

A FINAL STAND A Star Wars Fan Film

A FINAL STAND - A Star Wars Fan Film

A FINAL STAND A Star Wars Fan Film

A FINAL STAND – A STAR WARS FAN FILM – A Returned Nerd fan film

After the BATTLE OF EXEGOL, there is one remaining XYSTON planet killer. It is to
unite with two First Order Star Destroyers, the destroyers task has been to harvest
supplies from the wreckage of the Supremacy Super Star Destroyer.
With both the remaining planet killer and FIRST ORDER forces they can pose a great threat
to planets. . .

New Republic Headquarters, Coruscant tracks down transmissions about this meeting and
Scrambles RED-, BLUE- and GOLD SQUADRON, being led by General Poe Dameron. Now Rushing
to stop the planet killing STAR DESTROYER. . . . All this meanwhile REY is dealing
with some “familiy” business on Tatooine. . . .

This film took me 4 months of work, its been hours upon hours of animating and rendering,
all worth it so i can bring my fellow star wars fans something to hopefully enjoy.
Be sure to leave a like and critisism is much appreciated.

Pardon my spelling mistakes, me not good english..

Made by Returned Nerd (Magnus Hellebust)

Based on characters created by GEORGE LUCAS

Music by John Williams

Animated and rendered in BLENDER 2.79
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro
Visual Effects Made in Adobe After Effects
Textures Made in Adobe Photoshop
Sound and Music Edited in Adobe Audition
(Student License for all Adobe programs)

All 3D Modeles made by me, with the exception of the Millinium Falcon made by Johnson Martin

Contact me here [email protected]


This is a non profit, unofficial, fan-film that is not intended for commercial use.
It was made solely for fun. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this
fan-film is not connected in any way to said companies.

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