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A Healthy Mix of Marvel Legends and Star Wars Customs! |

Plus a Snake Eyes and a Grifter!

Okay, I’d like to see the body in different colors and it’s probably not exactly comic accurate, but I dig the overall look of this Grifter.

Yes, I will buy any and all Star Wars Imperial Officers. I have a problem.

I know Hasbro gave us a damn near perfect Snake Eyes but I want any and all looks. Even one that aren’t familiar like this one.

Little known fact, my wife named one of my daughters after this bounty hunter without me suggesting it at all. So of course I need an Aurra Sing!

I always liked this Storm look even though I wasn’t reading X-Men at the time. Very evocative of her original look.

Can’t wait until the official release? Here’s a nice looking Baby Yoda!

I know it’s just a swap but I kinda like this clean look for Cable.


Oh, answered my own question…

It took me a second to realize this is a Jazwares Fortnite body. Clever use for a Mandalorian.

I don’t care for the character, didn’t read this story, but I love the look of this Vulcan.

And then, it’s no secret I love Excalibur. That was my team back in the day. The Cross-Time Caper is one of those nostalgic tales that takes me back to a simpler time. My top want from Marvel Legends is the first Astonishing X-Men team (my first is actually Agency X but let’s be realistic…), Excalibur is a close, CLOSE second. LooseCollector knocks it out of the park, the city, the state, the country, the atmosphere with this Meggan.

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