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Active Shooter Short Film – Award Winning 14 Mins

Active Shooter Short Film – Award Winning 14 Mins

Active Shooter Short Film – Award Winning 14 Mins

Active Shooter Short Film - Award Winning 14 Mins
Active Shooter Short Film – Award Winning 14 Mins

Active Shooter Short Film: A Bold Exploration of a Terrifying Reality

The genre of active shooter films is not unfamiliar to audiences seeking an adrenaline rush, but what if a short film took this concept and turned it on its head? Unseen Danger does just that. This chilling and thought-provoking short film challenges the traditional narrative by diving deep into the psyche of both the shooter and those trapped in the chaos.

What makes Unseen Danger stand out among other active shooter films is its ability to humanize all parties involved. By examining the emotional turmoil faced by both the perpetrator and victims, it shines a light on the mental health crisis underlying such tragic events. Through intense character development, we are given glimpses into their histories, motivations, and vulnerabilities – fostering empathy where others might dwell solely on fear or anger.

By pushing boundaries and delving into uncomfortable territory, this short film sparks important conversations about prevention and intervention strategies for potential attacks. It forces us to question our society’s responsibility in addressing mental health issues, while also highlighting how everyone can play a part in early detection or assistance. Through its masterful storytelling techniques, Unseen Danger shakes viewers out of complacency and leaves them with a newfound urgency to address this pressing issue head-on.

In conclusion, Unseen Danger stands as a testament to the power of art in provoking conversation about difficult subjects.


{WINNER “Social Awareness Award” — Silver State Film Festival 2018}
{OFFICIAL SELECTION — Pasadena International Film Festival 2018}
{OFFICIAL SELECTION — Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2018}
{OFFICIAL SELECTION — Niagara Falls International Film Festival 2018}

When a school shooting erupts, a father suspects that his own son is the shooter.
Written & Directed by
Jacob J. Tanenbaum

Story by
Josh Litman & Jacob J. Tanenbaum

Produced by
Josh Litman & Jacob J. Tanenbaum

Director of Photography
Josh Litman

Production Design by
Mona Molayem

Editing by
Josh Litman

Visual Effects Supervisor
Ari Feblowitz

Music Composed by
Ryan Robert Jones [*Active Shooter OST:]

Sound Designer
Matt Schwartz
Carl Ford – Ron Kologie
Reporter – Meredith Lindsey
Andrew Ford – Mikandrew
Survivor #1 – Kimiko Ann
Survivor #2 – Lauren Bulloch
Police Dispatcher (Voice) – Monti Washington
Katie’s Mother (Voice) – Karen Muller
Assistant Director
Ronit Bitan

Assistant Camera
Yu Jung Hou
Vishnu Perumal

Yu Jung Hou
Vishnu Perumal

Additional Editors
Taylor Brusky
Pascal De Maria
Connor Fitzgerald
Jacob J. Tanenbaum

Louis Kreusel

Sound Recordists
Scott Breitbarth
Rui Cui

Supervising Sound Editor
Matt Schwartz

Production Assistants
Chris Sanchez
Isaac Henriquez

“HATRED” Video Game Footage Courtesy of
Jarosław Zieliński

Location Provided by
Jenny Kallis

Props Provided by
The Hand Prop Room

Camera Equipment Provided by
Deck of Aces

Shot on
Red Epic

Filmed on Location in Los Angeles, California.
Copyright © 2017 Jacob J. Tanenbaum and Josh Litman

Action Potential Productions

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