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Alice in Borderland Season 2 Official Trailer via Netflix

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Official Trailer via Netflix

Alice in Borderland Season 2 : Return to a Dark, Magical Wonderland

– “If we clear all the games, can we return to the real world?” –

Alice in Borderland Season 2 : Return to a Dark, Magical Wonderland

Netflix is excited to announce the upcoming release of Alice in Borderland Season 2! This critically acclaimed series is a thrilling adaptation of the classic manga by Haro Aso. Alice in Borderland follows Arisu, Karube and Chota, three friends who are suddenly transported to a mysterious and dangerous parallel world. In this strange land, they must survive dangerous games or be exiled forever.

Season 2 will begin with the trio struggling to make sense of their role in this new world. They must unravel the mystery surrounding their experiences as they battle for their lives against relentless foes. As they face each new challenge, Arisu and his friends will discover new allies and uncover even darker secrets that lurk behind the veil.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 will take viewers on an unforgettable journey into a dark and magical world filled with intrigue and danger.

This mega-hit survival drama starring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya and directed by Shinsuke Sato has been widely anticipated across the globe. Now, the long-awaited continuation of the series that reached the Top 10 in at least 70 countries worldwide is finally set to stream! Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) try to unravel the mysteries of Borderland to return to the real world.

In a place they believe holds the key to uncovering these mysteries, they meet allies, enemies, and the mastermind behind all of the games. Arisu and the others pit themselves against games of a scale and difficulty that exceed the first season. The remaining games are only the Jack, Queen, and King cards, but will they be able to collect them all and return to the real world? The hugely popular series that astounded the world returns with even more thrills and excitement!

The Netflix Series “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 starts streaming worldwide on December 22, 2022, only on Netflix!

Netflix Announces the Release of Exciting New Series “Alice in Borderland”

Netflix has announced the upcoming release of an exciting new thriller series based on the popular Japanese manga, Alice in Borderland. Premiering on December 10th, 2020, this eight-episode series follows Ryohei Arisu, a bored and listless young man who finds himself transported to a parallel world where he and his friends must compete in dangerous games to survive.

In this alternate world, Arisu and his friends must take part in increasingly challenging games with deadly consequences if they fail. As they navigate this surreal environment littered with puzzles and mind-bending challenges, our protagonists must find answers to their questions or risk never returning home. With stakes this high, viewers can expect a thrilling adventure filled with suspense and mystery as they unravel the secrets of Alice in Borderland.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The games are deadlier, this world more wild and cruel; but will Arisu ever make it back to the real world — and will it be worth everything he’s lost?

#AliceinBorderland Season 2 Official #Trailer via #Netflix

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