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All Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Movies | Venom 2, Morbius, Into The Spider-Verse 2, Madame Web + More

All Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Movies | Venom 2, Morbius, Into The Spider-Verse 2, Madame Web + More

All Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Movies | Venom 2, Morbius, Into The Spider-Verse 2, Madame Web + More. We break down the full Sony Slate.

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Read The Full All Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Movies | Venom 2, Morbius, Into The Spider-Verse 2, Madame Web + More here –

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Sony-Marvel’s reported film slate đź•·

• Morbius
• Venom 2
• Spider-Man 3 & 4 (With Tom Holland)
• Into the Spider-Verse 2
• All-Female Spider-Verse spinoff
• Kraven the Hunter
• Black Cat
• Silver Sable
• Silk
• Jackpot
• Nightwatch
• Madame Web
• Sinister Six

Throughout this, we’re gonna be discussing everything that you need to know about the lineup including Venom, Madame Web, Into the Spider-verse 2 and more.

There may be some spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything at all about what could be happening in the movies then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of all the upcoming Sony Spider-man Movies.

Full Sony Spider-man Slate
Ok so before we get into this I just wanna say up top that these might not be in order, I’ve made this list going off of a tweet from Fandom confirming the line-up so thought I would just stick to that order just so there’s at least some basis from a verified account.

full spider man sony movie slate venom 2 morbius into the spider verse 2

Now the the first film in the slate will be Morbius starring Jared Leto, this has been in production for a while so it’s no real surprise here and it will likely follow the same aesthetic of setting up the villain similar to Venom.

The film will be released on the 31st of July 2020 and though we know very little about the plot at the moment there are a lot of rumors flying about, mainly centred around the cast and characters.

JK Simmons will be reportedly be returning as J Jonah Jameson and he will apparently be the first character to crossover between universes, thus connecting the MCU to the wider Sony-verse.

This comes from DR Movie News and there have also been further reports that Tom Holland will cameo in the post credits scene of the movie thus showing that the movies are tied together. Who knows, maybe they will link the two rumors with the J Jonah Jameson news report from the ending of Far From Home appearing on the news at some point in the movie and this would allow Holland and JK Simmons to feature at the same time.

In addition to this Charlamagne Tha God in a recent radio show said that his friend Tyrese Gibson who is set to start in the movie let slip that it was indeed connected and this was major news upon it’s release. I’ve already made a full video covering this story so if you want to watch the full clip from the show that goes into detail on this then I’ll leave that linked above.

I’ll put it at the end too just incase you wanna stick around for this video.

Venom 2
Next up is the already confirmed Venom 2 which we know has director Andy Serkis at the helm and will once again feature Tom Hardy in the main role. This will likely pick up on the prior events of Venom with the character going head to head with Carnage as was teased in the post-credits scene.

Venom 2 is set to release 2 October 2020 and it will follow hot on the heels of Morbius, potentially carrying on directly from some of the events set in that film.

There is also potential here for Holland to cameo and as we know from leaked reports, the actor did shoot a scene for the first film but Disney made the studio cut it due to the character being dead in Infinity War.

When promoting Zombieland 2 Venom Director Reuben Fleischer did say that it was always the studios intention to have Spider-man and Venom in the same film so this could definitely be building up to that if it isn’t put in place in this movie.

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