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4 x Amazing Geek Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019 – Buying Guide

4 x Amazing Geek Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019 – Buying Guide

Geek Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019 Buying Guide – Christmas is fast approaching (can you believe it?!) which means it is time to start considering what to add to your tech collection. Unfortunately, even with the best placed hints, it’s inevitable that your loved ones will not buy exactly what you asked for! One way to never be disappointed at Christmas 2019 is to buy gifts for yourself.

Below are four Geek Tech Gifts  that the tech geek inside of you will fall in love with!


Geek Tech Gifts – The Pankcake Bot

Geek Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019 - Buying Guide


A decade ago, 3D printers were predicted to change to the world. Unfortunately, they have not yet lived up to this hype.

However, in 2019 the technology has improved my breakfast ten-fold; the Pancakebot is the 3D pancake printer that you didn’t know your kitchen was missing!

The Pancakebot began life as a successful Kickstarter campaign – it attracted donations more than quadruple its target of $50,000.

To use the Pancakebot, all you need to do is visit the official website and upload your images. The software then transforms your image into a stencil that is downloaded onto an SD card which you can then transfer directly to the printer. Then, using compressed air, the Pancakebot will ‘print’ your drawings in batter straight on to the griddle where it is cooked to perfection.

This device s incredibly easy to use and it can replicate complex drawings surprisingly well. Within 20 minutes of unboxing, I was eating my way through the Heraldry of the major houses of Westeros!


Geek Tech Gifts Davinci IQ

Like its namesake, the Davinci IQ is ‘smart’ and represents the best in dry herb vaporizer technology, performance and aesthetics.

The Davinci IQ boasts several impressive features such as cooling technology and conduction heating. However, its most impressive feature is the ‘Smart Path’ mode.

Smart Path mode gradually increases the temperature of the vaporizer throughout a vaping session. This allows users to create vaping journeys that are bespoke to them. This feature is accessed by connecting the vape to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is incredibly easy to use.

This feature, in particular, sets the Davinci IQ apart from its competition. Expect to see it replicated in next-gen herbal vaporizers.



Geek Tech Gifts PS VR

Geek Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019 - Buying Guide

If you’ve been waiting to explore the possibilities of virtual reality, there has never been a better time than now to do so.The Oculus Rift and Hive have the most advanced virtual reality technology. However, what the PlayStation VR lacks in specs, it more than makes up for in accessibility.

Firstly, it is nearly £200 cheaper than its contemporaries but most importantly it can leverage the extensive game library of the Playstation 4.Currently, there over 200 games available for the headset, representing every genre. This list is growing every month.

Because the PS VR headset was designed with long gaming sessions in mind, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. It has a soft adjustable headband that is designed to move the weight from the front of your face to the top. Your neck will thank you for this after 6 hours spent in Minecraft VR!

Geek Tech Gifts HP Spectre


Geek Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019 - Buying Guide


At just 1cm thick, the HP Spectre has dimensions that put even the Macbook Air to shame. You’d be forgiven for assuming that specs had to be sacrificed to create the world’s thinnest laptop. However, you’d be wrong! The HP Spectre boasts the latest i7 processor, a 256 GB SSD hard drive and a reasonable 8G of Ram.

I’ve used this laptop for photo editing and gaming and it handles both fine.

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