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7 Best Puzzle games that don’t need internet – Mobile Games

7 Best Puzzle games that don’t need internet – Mobile Games

Puzzle games – Mobile GamesIn the large world of lovers of action and racing games, there is a small world of those who don’t like such games very much. Yes, there are people who are better fans of puzzles and other brain stimulating games than those “dashing and rushing” games. If you are one of that crew, here is something that you will love. Most of the time, games need an internet connection to run properly, but here is a list of 7 puzzle games that don’t need the internet. Before getting into the subject, let’s see why one would require games that don’t require an internet connection.

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Why play games without an internet connection?

With the improvement in technology, having an internet connection has become very easy and the data rates also have gone down – the internet is cheaper than ever. But there are some scenarios when an internet connection will not be available. Here are a few:

#1 Travelling

Travelling often involves going out of network coverage area like forest areas, guard sections, etc. In such cases, games that require an internet connection can’t run.

#2 When in an airplane

You need to turn off your phone when traveling on an airplane. You can freely play your games by switching airplane mode on in your phone when they don’t require an internet connection to run.

#3 When you don’t have an active internet subscription

Maybe you forgot to pay your phone bill or recharge your account, not having an active an internet connection will not be a problem when the games run even without an internet connection.

Now, here is a list of few games which run even without an internet connection.

7 Puzzle Games that Don’t Need an internet connection

#1 Sudoku

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This classic puzzle game is a hit on e-platforms like android, etc. You can fill in the numbers pretty much the same way as you fill in a newspaper sudoku puzzle. These games also come with a timer, option to choose the difficulty level and the most impressing fact – you get the results very quickly. In some versions (Faso’s version), you also get to enter multiple rough numbers for a cell for a penalty.

#2 Happy Glass

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This one is too addictive. It stimulates your common sense and your knowledge of gravity. Here, there will be an empty sad glass and a water pipe above it. Using the pencil, you need to draw a line or something that directs the water into the glass and the glass becomes full and happy. The number of glasses and obstacles will increase as you get into more advanced levels.

#3 Crossy Road

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Here, you control a chicken who is trying cross the road. As on any other roads, there will be a lot of cars and vehicles on the road. Your aim is to ensure that the chicken safely crosses the road without cars running over it. With an impressive 8-bit art style, this game is more addictive than you may imagine. Also, no two games are exactly the same – even though the scene is the same, you will never get bored. What more, it’s for free!!

#4 Lazors

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Lazors was elected the best offline Android games ever on a Reddit poll. To know why just download it and start playing.

Each level starts with one active laser (there will be more as the levels advance) and your aim is to make the beam reach its target. But, it’s not that easy. There will be obstacles which you need to overcome using objects like mirrors, glasses, etc. Position them in a way that the laser reaches its target. There are 280 levels in total.

#5 Quizoid


This one is for the fans of trivia. Like most other quiz apps, Quizoid asks questions with multiple answers and you need to pick the right one. You can answer questions as you can. Also, you can choose to play against the computer (or phone) or can use the timer to answer as many questions as possible in the time you set. There are over 7000 questions from across 17 categories in Quizoid. Category-based quizzes need a paid subscription, yet there is much to enjoy in the free version.

#6 Universal Crossword

If you are a word-geek, you must have solved (or tried solving) crosswords. These are truly challenging and also make your game-time fruitful. It helps you to improve your vocabulary. If things go difficult, you can always look up universal crossword answers so that there will be no “unsolved mysteries”.

#7 Flick Soccer

If you are a big fan of soccer, this one is for you. Your aim is, obviously, to score goals. The game is updated annually with enhanced graphics and features. You need to swipe the ball in the right trajectory for it to fly past the players and goalkeepers, and even hit the moving bull’s eye if possible. This gives boosts like time, double points, etc.

So, these were 7 puzzle games that you can enjoy without an internet connection. So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite puzzle games and enjoy mobile games on the go !!


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