Saturday , June 22 2024

Black Panther nominated three Golden Globe Awards including Best Picture!

Black Panther has been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards, including Best Picture! Will the folk who decide who gets awards for a movie award Marvel’s critically acclaimed Black Panther?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe humongous blockbuster will go up against non-comic book movies like A Star Is Born and Lady Gaga. Ryan Coogler did not get a nomination for Best Director but Kendrick Lamar’s “All The Stars” will fight for Best Original Song, as will Ludwig Göransson’s for best original score. Of course the big one is best picture! Imagine that a comic book movie getting some recognition. Fans on the internet are questioning why this is being nominated over Infinity War. We say chill out guys, its a comic book movie for goodness sake. Any recognition is good for the movies we love.

Black Panther keeps setting new records and T’Challa’s groundbreaking movie does it again getting nominated for three Golden Globe Awards, as no super hero picture in the history of movie awards has ever been nominated for Best Picture – Drama. A certain Merc with a Mouth Deadpool was actually nominated in the Best Musical or Comedy category.

This may lead to Oscar voters paying more attention to it. Who knows! Marvel campaigned for the Best Drama category since there aren’t ones for Action/Adventure or Superhero.  This is just cool I mean I remember my friends and me watching the trailer and saying- Ah I guess it’s a good way to pass the time and oh my god this movie literally blew us away!! I think Marvel deserves this as this movie and Infinity War along with Spider-Verse are the best movies of 2018 sorry Venom and Ant Man and The Wasp and Aquaman. These movies just blew me away!!

Wakanda Forever! Go Shuri! Bring back KillMonger!


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