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BUS STOP Award Winning Short Comedy Film 2020, Sony A7iii

BUS STOP Award Winning Short Comedy Film 2020, Sony A7iii

Award Winning Short Comedy Film 2020, Sony A7iii –

BUS STOP Award Winning Short Comedy Film 2020, Sony A7iii
BUS STOP Award Winning Short Comedy Film 2020, Sony A7iii

After all the waiting we have finally managed to finish our first ever short movie! A result of a collaboration between two photographers that have never done film, a wannabe actor who has never stood in front of a camera, and a random idea that two best friends had during the Corona lockdown.

Everyone knows what it is like to have a bad day. We all catch ourselves way too often thinking “Today sucks” or “Why me”. And we all probably know that most of the time the only thing we need to do to feel better is to take a few deep breaths to reset our mind and to calm down. Way too often we get tangled inside our own thoughts and emotions instead of taking a step back to think. But what if you had a really bad day? Have you ever managed to miss four busses in a row? This is the story of Mr. Kurz, our main character. A stressed businessman on the way to work who goes through hell in any way you can imagine. A choleric workaholic with a guidebook for mindfulness, trying to stay calm on probably his worst day ever.

In April 2020 I was living at Leo’s house to “study” for our high school finals. This time instead ended up being one of the most creative and uniting time for us as a team. We were going for a run when we passed by this bus stop, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Extremely inspired we started talking about a possible story and soon realized that this was an idea for a movie we really wanted to see. We wrote down the story and started drawing a storyboard. Maximilian Vogel, a friend, and professional storyboard artist, who has already worked for Netflix and others, always helped us to deconstruct our story and pushed us to think further. We teamed up with my friend and photographer Quentin Pehlke who soon brought Robin Buckenberger into our team. We started a collaboration with Lichtblick Konstanz, who supported us with a lot of equipment that we did not own.
We went through a lot of ups and downs throughout the process but it was one of the most fun projects ever. A lot of exhaustion and frustration and a lot of learning. The final result is different than expected but we are more than happy about this experience.

Produced and edited by me (Moritz Högemann / momaln)


Leo Rüland (Main Character)
Arthur Blank (Jogger)
Anne Reinicke (Young Mother)
Roman Schenk (Young Boy)
Lennard Schenk (Drunk Shooter)
Robin Buckenberger (Teenager with Hookah)
Luana Liebetrau (Unlucky Lady)
Lora Angelova (Teens in Car)
Paula Chico (Teens in Car)
Quentin Pehlke (Teens in Car)
Moritz Högemann (Teens in Car)


Big Thanks to all of our families and friends for the support!!

A lot more stuff is coming soon on this channel! I have been inactive for far too long but I am more than ready to get started and cool videos are coming soon! (You can probably guess the kind of content from my new channel banner?) 😀

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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