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BUSIEK & ROSS’ ‘Most Ambitious’ THE MARVELS Ongoing Spans All of MARVEL UNIVERSE History

The Marvels #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, and Yildiray Cinar’s previously teased “most ambitious series to ever hit the Marvel Universe” has been revealed as The Marvels, a team-up story that includes characters from all across the Marvel Universe – and even across the publisher’s entire history.

The series will feature different characters in each issue, with arcs that pick up on threads spanning the entirety of Marvel’s publishing history, and its in-continuity history. Everyone from Aarkus, the original Vision, to Aero, one of Marvel’s most recent superhero creations, will appear – and even team up.

“The whole idea of The Marvels is to be able to use the whole Marvel Universe not just all the characters in it, but all the history of it. The sweeping scope of the whole thing,” Busiek told “I think I described it to [Marvel Executive Editor] Tom Brevoort as something like a Tom Clancy thriller, in that there would be multiple threads of story going on, and those threads could come together and split apart again, or maybe never even meet – there could be characters involved in a story that do something important but never meet the other characters in the story, which will very much be the case in the opening storyline, at least.”

“Big stuff can happen in the Marvel Universe, but we usually see it confined largely to the Avengers in Avengers, to the FF in Fantastic Four, and so on. The Marvels is intended as a freewheeling book that can go anywhere, do anything, use anyone. It’s a smorgasbord of Marvel heroes and history, ” Busiek continued. “It’s not a team. It’s a concept, or a universe, depending on how you look at it. The Marvels features the marvels – all the many and varied characters of the Marvel Universe…We’re focusing on the super-characters here, and big, sweeping adventure.”

As for what the stories themselves will entail, and which characters will be involved, Busiek had this to say:

“Well, the first issue starts out in Southeast Asia in 1947, shortly after World War II, when trouble was brewing there, and we also get to see Reed Richards before the FF’s flight, Flash Thompson in the Army, classic 1970s Thor and Iron Man fighting monsters, and more. We see the near future, we see an unusual tour of Manhattan, we see the Punisher, we see the return of possibly the least-expected Peter David character ever… And there’ll be new characters, too, from the street-level to the cosmic. There are three new marvels in the first issue, although a couple of them are only seen for a panel or so. But we’ll get back to them. I’d say ‘the sky’s the limit,’ except in the Marvel Universe, there’s a lot going on beyond that sky. And it’s all open to us.”

The Marvels #1 is due out in May. Ross provides covers, while Cinar will draw interiors. Marvel Comics’ full May 2020 solicitations will arrive later this month, right here on Newsarama.

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