CGI 3D Animated Short : “Desire” – Animated Musical Short – by Red Echo Post | TheCGBros

Check out this fantastic CGI animated short film by the talented team at Red Echo Post, about a small robot who is born and sets out into the world, happily performing his simple tasks. Suddenly, in a small but profound way, the world as he knows it changes. What follows is a downward spiral of jealousy, resentment and unrestrained desire.

This animated musical short features Rob Fetters” pop-rock gem, “Desire.” Story, Direction and Animation by Scott Thierauf. Sound Design and Creative Collaboration by Grant Kattmann, Editorial by Theresa Bruce, and Color Grade by Chris Joecken.


Software used:
Maya: modeling & animation
Maxwell Render: lighting & rendering
Adobe After Effects: compositing
Adobe Premiere: editing
BaseLight: color grading
Pro Tools: sound design

©2014 Red Echo Post

Music Track – “Rob Fetters-“Desire” from the album “Saint Ain”t” available on iTunes:

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