Children Of Liberty – Action Fight Scene Short Film SciFi

Children Of Liberty Short Film

An Agrochemical Company’s secret has the power to change the fate of humanity. To protect their power, they must keep it locked away, but a mysterious organization, known as the Children of Liberty, is determined to return that secret to the people, no matter the cost.

Please enjoy this fun little action teaser set in the incredibly exciting, near future world of Children Of Liberty. There’s plenty more to come. Consider sharing, liking and subscribing. Thanks!

Watch with headphones for the full sound experience :).


Kara Smith ( …Benson

Joe Sobalo Jr. (@joesobalojr) …Agent Caius

Kit Garchow …Children of Liberty Operator


Kit Garchow (@KitGarchow) …Writer/Director/Editor/Sound Design

Paul Gustafson (@pablogustafson) …Director of Photography

Geo Corvera (@1latingeo) …Stunt Coordinator

Tanner Field (@mtfield) …Colorist

Joe Murayama (@joemfilms) …Visual Effects

Instagram: @kitgarchow
Twitter: @kitgarchow

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