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CLONE SHADOW TROOPERS – The Republic's Most ADVANCED Clone Troopers

Clone Shadow Troopers were an elite group of Clone Troopers who were recruited to act as a covert and secretive replacement for the rapidly dropping number of ARC Troopers left in the Republic. These Clones were primarily assigned to partake in undercover missions that regular ARC Troopers were unable to do, including bounty hunting for the Republic. So who were the Clone Shadow Troopers and why did they make a covert appearance on Utapau during Revenge of the Sith.

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During the Clone Wars, the director of the Republic spying and intelligence bureau, Armand Isard, created a brand new division of Clones, specifically designed to serve as a covert, undercover spying unit. The division was created to combat the rapidly falling numbers of ARC Troopers left within the Grand Army of the Republic, and fill in the massive gaps left every time an ARC Trooper died. Despite this being the original purpose for the Clone Shadow Troopers, the Republic quickly realized that the Clones Selected for this unit were extremely gifted and were able to perform a whole lot more duties than what the Standard ARC Troopers were capable of. These Shadow Troopers could also act in a far more Covert Way than Clone Commandos, making them the highest ranking public division in the Grand Army of the Republic special forces.

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