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Crafting Materials and Resources Guide Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki Guide

Crafting Materials and Resources Guide Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki Guide

Crafting Materials and Resources Guide Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki Guide.This ACNH crafting materials and resources guide explains how to get more iron nuggets, gold nuggets, hardwood, softwood, wood, clay, and more as efficiently as possible so you can have everything you need in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to make the best tools, the cutest furniture, and your favorite villagers feel welcome.

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How to Get Wood

Wood comes in many different types, and most trees will produce up to three pieces from three different kinds – Wood, Softwood, and Hardwood. Using a Flimsy Axe or Stone Axe, you can chop at a tree without felling it to get three wood per tree per day. Since the type of wood is always random, you may have to chop a large amount of trees if looking for a specific type.

An Axe made of Iron can also produce wood from a tree – but the third swing will always fell the tree!

Fruit trees will also yield wood, but drop the fruit in the process, so be careful. You can also find Bamboo on certain Mystery Islands that can be brown on your own island from Bamboo Shoots, can can be chopped in the same way to get Bamboo Pieces, as well as Young Spring Bamboo during spring months

The best way to get more wood is to plant more trees for a better harvest – and you can always travel to a Mystery Island, or a friends island, to harvest more.

Hit rocks to get Iron Nuggets. You can hit rocks with an Axe or Shovel but a shovel is recommended because you already have to use your axe to hit trees and all tools are breakable. This means you want to spread the workload, among your tools, as best you can.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

There are only a few rocks on your island and during the first few days some parts of your island are inaccessible until you get the Vaulting Pole to cross rivers and the Ladder to reach higher areas.

Rock Hitting Tips Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

  • Remove all the weeds around the rock because weeds will prevent items from coming out of the rock (since these items won’t have an empty space to land).
  • You need to hit the rock quickly and consecutively. But notice you’ll bounce back with each hit, eventually ending up too far away to hit the rock.
  • Once you stop hitting the rock, nothing else will come out of it. The max amount of hits you can get is 8.
  • To overcome this challenge, stand in front of the rock then turn around to dig 2 holes behind you. These holes will help keep you in place so you can keep hitting the rock.
  • And just like that you have the max amount of resources from your rock!

Farming Iron Nuggets

Every day, each rock can be hit a max amount of 8 times. After that, it will not produce anything else. So how are you suppose to get all those Iron Nuggets?

Here are some solutions for farming iron nuggets!

  • Use a Nook Miles Ticket to go on one of the Mystery Island Tours: You’ll get one of these tickets for free but the rest need to be bought with your Nook Miles from the Nook Stop inside Resident Services.
  • Steal from your Best Friend: If you play on one of your Best Friend’s Islands you’re allowed to use Axes and Shovels! This means you can hit their rocks (if they haven’t done that already before you arrived). See: how to add people as Best-Friends. Remember: this is a moral grey area but it is an option. Which brings us to a nefarious and classic cheat:
  • Time Travel Cheat: Purists would never but you just might. You can change your system clock to the next day (which begins at 5am) which will cause all these resources to replenish. For details on how check out our Time Travel Guide.

Other Resources from Rocks (Clay, stone, etc) and the Lucky Money Rock[

Rocks provide more than just Iron Nuggets. Here’s what else you’ll find.

  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Gold Nuggets (rare): don’t sell these because they are rare and can be used to make a giant robot.
  • Money: once a day, one rock becomes the Lucky Money rock and produces Bells instead of resources! Check out our Money Making Guide for more info and other tips.
You can’t move rocks wherever you want but you can destroy them so that they spawn elsewhere. If you’re lucky it will be a more preferable location to you.

You can break rocks by eating fruit (or turnips but turnips are for selling! not eating) and then smashing them with your Axe or Shovel.

Bamboo is a unique form of trees that do not appear on your native island. It can only be obtained either as a present in the form of a Bamboo Shoot, or found on a random Mystery Island with a bamboo forest template.

Bamboo grows similar to trees, except that once fully grown, they produce a Bamboo Shoot buried in the ground next to them, which can then be replanted to form a nursery bamboo. It can be harvested much like trees to get Bamboo Pieces, which are used for a variety of DIY projects.

During the spring months, there is a season item that can be randomly gained from chopping Bamboo called Young Spring Bamboo – it is much more rare than regular Bamboo Pieces, and is also used in special seasonal recipes.

Daisy Mae may also mail you a Bamboo Shoot after you’ve bought turnips from her.

Every tool is necessary but below are the tools that help you get crafting materials and reach more parts of the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Before you get the Axe you have to get the Flimsy Fishing Rod.

  • Complete the tutorial day on the island by going to sleep. This triggers the start of your first real day where you get the Nook Phone and then speak to Tom Nook in the Resident Services tent.
  • When Tom Nook offers a DIY Workshop, accept his offer, and then bring him 5 Wooden Branches.
  • You can then use the workshop to craft a Flimsy Fishing Rod, which can be used along the edge of rivers, ponds, and beaches to catch fish after a fish has dragged the lure under the water.
  • The flimsy version only lasts for about 10 catches, so be prepared to make more.
  • Tom Nook will also give you the recipe for the Flimsy Net, which can be used to catch a variety of insects and other floating objects – and even annoy the heck out of villagers… but you probably shouldn’t do that.
  • Give Tom Nook at least two Bugs and/or Fish and he will reward you with the recipe for the Flimsy Axe.
  • This flimsy version only lasts for about 37 tree hits.
To get a Shovel, you’ll need to entice the museum curator Blathers to join your island. Here’s how:

  • Give Tom Nook a total of 5 bugs and/or fish, and Blathers will call – prompting you to place a spot down for his tent. Do it.
  • When Blathers arrives, the following day, he will give you a recipe for the Flimsy Shovel.
  • A Shovel can be used to dig up buried items, transplant trees and flowers, and strike rocks.

How to Get a Vaulting Pole – Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki

Blathers has it all!

  • When Blathers gives you the Shovel Recipe he will also give you the Vaulting Pole recipe.
  • This item doesn’t break like the others, and you can use it to quickly cross rivers with ease – both on your island, mystery islands, and other players’ islands.
  • Pay off your tent with Tom Nook (5,000 miles).
  • Get your house
  • Build Nook’s Cranny
  • Construct a bridge
  • Agree to start work on homes for 3 villagers.
  • After placing the lots down, Tom Nook will inform you that one recipe will require use of the flowers atop the island’s peaks, and will give you the recipe to make a Ladder.
  • The Ladder is a tool that will allow you to climb or lower yourself to different elevations on the island without having to use a ramp or incline.
  • Just like the Vaulting Pole – it won’t break!
For more details and information be sure to check out our How to Unlock Everything in Animal Crossing: New Horizons page for getting every tool, facility, and shop.

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