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Get The Gamers Together For These Real-Life Experiences, Too

Get The Gamers Together For These Real-Life Experiences, Too

If you’re a lover of video games, then you likely know all too well how easy it is to spend hours behind a screen. When you’re lucky enough to make friends with the same interests as you, it’s a ton of fun to game online with them or to go back and forth in Discord on videogame takes, news, and discussions. However, to keep those friendships strong, it’s important to be able to get together in real life, as well. Thankfully, the amount of experiences catering to the gamer is consistently on the rise, and here are a few well worth checking out.

Get The Gamers Together
Get The Gamers Together

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Board games

One of the simplest ways to get the gang together for some fun together in a real-life room is with the right board game. It should be no surprise games will gravitate towards games on boards just as readily as through the screen. You might even find yourself workshopping how to make your own board game.

Tabletop roleplaying games

Although it might seem similar, tabletop roleplaying games (of which Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular and famous) offer quite a different experience from board games. While there are still rules and mechanics, the focus is much more on open-ended decision-making from players and success isn’t quite the objective as much as telling a fun story with some friends. A great choice for the more creatively inclined, that’s for sure.

Escape rooms

If you want to get out of the house, then there is a growing range of entertainment activities that will cater to the gamer in you. An escape room is a great example of just that. The problem-solving, creative thinking, and objective-hunting nature of these rooms often fit precisely what gamers tend to enjoy, but the experience of being in a typically themed space can make it all the more immersive.


If you ever want to truly feel “amongst your people” then one of the best ways to do it is to hit up a convention together. Your first time being surrounded by all those fellow gamers and pop culture enjoyers can be undeniably overwhelming. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your love, tap into the passion of a community that you might have only ever interacted with behind a screen, and make some new friends. There are convention calendars that can help you track those near and close to you.

Gaming tournaments

Gaming tournaments have much the same air as gaming conventions, but typically with a more competitive spirit. Whether you and your friends are plugged into the latest fighting game, or really into FPSes, if there’s a competitive community for your game, then it might have a gaming tournament where you can enjoy seeing the best of the best compete and maybe even throw your own hat in the ring.

If all of your socializing is done through a screen, things can get a little lonely. With the tips above, you can make sure that you and your friends are staying truly connected, and sharing the experiences that can lead to stronger friendships.

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