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DC Comics Kingdom Come – Fan Made Movie Trailer

DC Comics Kingdom Come – Fan Made Movie Trailer

DC Comics Kingdom Come – Fan Made Movie Trailer

DC Comics Kingdom Come - Fan Made Movie Trailer
DC Comics Kingdom Come – Fan Made Movie Trailer

Kingdom Come is one of the best DC stories ever written and the art is outstanding, recently the DC live action properties have been making many references to the story. Meaning it is the perfect time for this trailer. I tried to adapt the original source as accurate as possible but there were some slight changes on the way. Enjoy!

Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN) has seen this trailer and he loved the Superman/Shazam moments!
Thanks to everyone who has seen and shared this video!

Kingdom Come is a four-issue comic book miniseries published in 1996 by DC Comics under their Elseworlds imprint. It was written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross and painted in gouache by Ross, who also developed the concept from an original idea.[1] This Elseworlds story is a deconstructionist tale set in a future that deals with a growing conflict between the visibly out-of-touch “traditional” superheroes, and a growing population of largely amoral and dangerously irresponsible new vigilantes, in many cases the offspring of the traditional heroes. Between these two groups is Batman and his assembled team, who attempt to contain the escalating disaster, foil the machinations of Lex Luthor, and prevent a world-ending superhuman war.

When comic book artist Alex Ross was working on Marvels, published in 1994, he decided to create a similar “grand opus” about characters from DC Comics. Ross wrote a 40-page handwritten outline of what would become Kingdom Come and pitched the idea to James Robinson as a project similar in scope to Watchmen (1986–1987) and Alan Moore’s infamous “lost work” Twilight of the Superheroes. Ultimately, Ross teamed with writer Mark Waid, who was recommended by DC editors due to his strong familiarity with the history of DC superheroes.

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