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Demon In The Dark – Batman vs The Secret Six Fan Film

Demon In The Dark – Batman vs The Secret Six Fan Film

Batman vs The Secret Six

Batman takes down Deadshot! Giganta tears up Gotham! Green Lantern & Black Adam battle it out in Gotham Square! And the birth of Catman!

In the shadowy streets of Gotham City, a new cinematic showdown is brewing, pitting the Dark Knight himself against the enigmatic and deadly Secret Six. But here’s the catch – this epic battle isn’t unfolding on the big screen or in a comic book; it’s all happening in the realm of fan films. Imagine a world where passionate fans take up the mantle of their favorite characters, creating their own interpretations and narratives that push boundaries and challenge conventions. In this electrifying clash between Batman and The Secret Six, creativity knows no bounds as dedicated filmmakers bring to life a thrilling saga that promises to captivate audiences with its raw energy and unbridled passion for these iconic characters.

The Batman vs The Secret Six fan film is a remarkable piece of creative work that pits the Dark Knight against the infamous team of villains in a thrilling showdown. What makes this fan film particularly intriguing is how it delves into the complex dynamics and motivations of both Batman and the members of The Secret Six. It’s not just about flashy fight scenes, but also about exploring the depths of these characters’ personalities and beliefs.

One interesting aspect of this fan film is how it highlights the blurred lines between heroism and villainy, showcasing that sometimes good and bad can be subjective. The portrayal of moral ambiguity in both Batman and The Secret Six adds layers to their conflict, making it more than just a simple battle between good and evil. Overall, this fan film serves as a love letter to these iconic comic book characters, offering fans a fresh perspective on their timeless rivalry.

Demon In The Dark – Batman vs The Secret Six

Directed by: Letia Clouston
Cinematography: Chris Burgon
Associate Producer: Christian Clouston
Producer: Marcelo Chow & Geoff Boucher
Music by: Andries de Haan
Written by: Matt Clouston


“The Demon in the Dark” is non-profit film, no way associated with or endorsed by DC Comics, Warner Brothers, or its subsidiaries.

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Batman Project Cadmus Short Film (The Death of Ace)



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