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Disney Stunt Robot – Artificial Intelligence – New Technology News

Disney Stunt Robot – Artificial Intelligence – New Technology News

Disney Stunt Robot is here – Artificial Intelligence – New Technology News .A robot that can perform Aerial Acrobatics somersaults and everything.The Disney Stunt Robot  is making humanoid robots that can perform jaw dropping stunts in midair.Watch the Full 12 Min Promo Video.

Disney Stunt Robot

Disneyland theme parks have incorporated animatronics into their displays for decades, but with its new project, “Stuntronics,” Disney hopes to take performing robotics to the next level.With Artificial Intelligence Disney Stunt Robot.

The secret of the “Stuntronics” project, as it’s called, is a system of “accelerometer and gyroscope arrays” that control the way the robots spin, and laser rangefinders, which determine their distance to an object. The self-correcting system allows the autonomous robots to control their pose, rotation, and center of mass to land aerial stunts on target.

Disney Stunt Robot

Imagine an animatronic Thor, with the help of his hammer, or one of the heroes from The Incredibles, soaring through the air and making a perfect superhero landing.

The stunt robots could one day step in for the more lifelike animatronic robots in Disney parks, such as the Na-vi shaman in Disney World’s Avatar theme park, during action-packed scenes. Disney has been working to make its attractions more realistic, allowing park-goers to feel as though they’re truly immersed other worlds.

The Disney Stunt Robot was born as of a research experiment named “Stickman.” Stickman was a robot who was able to perform acrobatic flips, and was essentially just an articulated pole.

However with Stuntronics the aim was to create a humanoid robot which could act as a stunt double for other “hero” animatronic figures in the park.



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