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Does Charles from Epic Seven need some Nerfing?

Does Charles from Epic Seven need some Nerfing?

Does Charles from Epic Seven need some Nerfing?
Does Charles from Epic Seven need some Nerfing?

Epic Seven is one of these gacha games that seems to have hit the spot. It has the right amount of grinding, combined with some of the best characters in the entire genre and some of the best animations we have ever seen. Add to all of these things, the solid mechanics and huge variety of events, you are looking at a perfectly balanced game.

We would love it if that was exactly the case, but some people believe that some characters need some nerfing. One of these characters is Charles. His name might sound very plain and boring, but he is anything but that. Actually, he is one of the strongest characters in the game right now and his all-around usefulness has created a long of frustration to many players. He seems to be a bit too good.

Who is Charles?

Charles is an Earth Knight with the Horoscope Gemini that you can summon from the Covenant Summon. We have to add, that he is a very stylish knight. His skills are synergizing perfectly to create a character that has been called by many meta-defining. His main focus is, striping enemies from their buffs, and in turn, buffing his own team. If his skills are used correctly, they can finish the enemy team in one turn. But let’s see his attacks one by one.

His first skill is Slash. It has a 50% chance to decrease Attack for 1 turn, and a 25% chance to activate Smash. Effect chance is doubled if the enemy is buffed. A very strong attack to deal with versus buffed units.

His second skill is Smash, which attacks the enemy repeatedly with a giant sword, with an 80% chance to dispel all buffs. Damage dealt increases proportional to the number of buffs granted to the caster. This skill has the chance to be triggered by the first spell, for a potentially huge damage combo.

Finally, his last skill is Faithful Strike. This attacks all enemies with a swordstorm and increases the Attack of all allies for 2 turns. Additionally, it increases the Defense of the caster for 2 turns. It can deal even greater damage, the fewer enemies that are still standing.

With such a strong toolkit, he is a great asset for most teams and can be frustratingly hard to defeat. What is great about him (or Overpowered, depends how you see it), is that he excels at every game mode in Epic Seven. Whether you choose him for Abyss, Raid, or World, he is more than enough to carry you through it. The mode that you can really see his strength, is the Arena. The only character that might be a bit better than him, is Arbiter Vildred. Although this is questionable for many players.

Now that you understand how Charles works, it is time to answer the question that you have been asking. Is he too strong?

Is Charles in need of a Nerf?

We believe, that Charles is a perfectly balanced character for now.

Of course, he is strong, and sometimes it is hard to work around him, but a player that is well versed in the game, should be able to deal with him if he has created the right team. No team can win against any possible combination of players. That is why Epic Seven is a very balanced and fun game to play. The challenge that is Charles, makes us want to try harder to become better players in Epic Seven.

Get to grinding, if you want to destroy these pesky Charles players.

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