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Don’t Look in the Mirror | Short Horror Film

Don’t Look in the Mirror | Short Horror Film

Don’t look in the mirror…If you’re a fan of spine-chilling horror flicks that leave you with an unsettling feeling long after the credits roll, then Don’t Look in the Mirror is a short film that will definitely send shivers down your spine. This harrowing tale explores the dangers of vanity and the consequences that arise when one becomes obsessed with their own reflection. The protagonist’s descent into madness is depicted with terrifying precision, as every glance into the mirror unleashes a haunting entity determined to claim her soul.

What sets Don’t Look in the Mirror apart from other horror shorts is its ability to build suspense and terror without relying on jump scares or cheap thrills. Through atmospheric lighting, clever camera angles, and a fantastic performance by the lead actor, this film excels at creating an eerie ambiance that keeps viewers on edge throughout its duration. As we witness the protagonist’s gradual transformation from confident beauty to tormented victim, we’re forced to confront our own fears of self-obsession and vanity.

The cinematography in the movie deserves special commendation for capturing both beauty and horror simultaneously. Each shot feels meticulously planned, evoking feelings of claustrophobia as we are drawn further into our protagonist’s personal nightmare. By employing creative techniques such as distorted reflections and disorienting camera movements, this short film amplifies its psychological impact tenfold.

In conclusion, the movie offers a chilling exploration of human insecurity mixed with supernatural terror.

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Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña
Co-Writer – Jed Brian
Sound Mixer. Grip. PA – Sienna Sunkara

Lauren – Autumn Noel
Mom – Elle Sunkara
Mirror (voice) – Erin Hadfield

Short Horror Film




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