Dragon Ball: 10 Things About Ultra Instinct That Make No Sense

Everything Weird About Ultra Instinct In Dragon Ball Super
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Dragon Ball Super has been pretty good at shaking things up on fans and experts of the long-running series. It has time travel, a multiverse, resurrected characters and a whole new pantheon of powerful beings that make Goku look like an insect by comparison.

Then there’s what the fans really watch for. That’s right, those epic moments when Goku starts screaming and a brand new color flashes across the screen. A moment that sends you back to the first time Goku’s hair changed gold when he was up against Frieza. The new Super Saiyan forms!

While Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue both proved to be powerful and iconic like the ones that came before, both had a limited time as the coolest form on the block. Little did anyone know that Akira Toriyama was just waiting to unveil the true ultimate form, Ultra Instinct.

While there’s no questioning that Ultra Instinct is awesome and has changed the game for Goku forever, there are a few things about the new form that just don’t add up.

Some of these problems have to do with inconsistencies throughout the series. Other problems have to do with characters who have been left waiting in the wings because of it. Then there’s just the matter of how it looks compared to similar forms.

Regardless of how cool the new form is, we have to discuss these issues and see if we can’t figure it out. Here are all the ways that Ultra Instinct makes no sense.


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