Dragon Ball: Gohan Is Stronger than Android 17

Dragon Ball Super: Gohan Vs. Android 17!
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There are few things in this world that are anywhere near as awesome as the Dragon Ball series is. The show consistently brings it as far as amazingly animated action sequences, amazing heroes who always manage to save the day and a terrifying merry go round of increasingly powerful villains who are all obsessed with defeating those stupid Saiyans who keep stopping them from destroying the world. Some heroes really aren’t considerate of a villain’s nefarious dreams.

Dragon Ball Super proved to be a worthy follow up to the two series that came before it, featuring new villains, new worlds and of course new super forms for Goku and Vegeta. If Goku doesn’t get a cool new hairstyle, is it even Dragon Ball?

What Super does best though is continue to develop some of its already existing characters. Some heroes got massive power upgrades, some villains became friends and then there’s Frieza who seems content on always being a big old jerk regardless of the situation at hand.

Two of the most interesting characters to get their due in Super are reformed psychotic Terminator Android 17 and the toughest nerd in the multiverse, Gohan. The Tournament of Power arc made it clear that both of these characters have had a big power upgrade but which one is the most powerful?

Luckily for you, we have the top minds across the planet working on questions just like this. We’ve tabulated the data and are ready to answer the question as to who is stronger Gohan or Android 17?!


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