Monday , April 15 2024

Dribbles – FREE FULL MOVIE (about high school, basketball, and art)

Talented high school artist David McNeil (Joe Orrigo) is desperate to prove himself to his runaway father by winning a state championship basketball jacket.

This multiple award-winning indie feature film is a great example of DIY guerrilla filmmaking‚ÄĒproduced by the filmmakers for the cost of money saved by not adding a garage to their home! Winner of the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Woods Hole Film festival, “Dribbles” was hailed as “A handmade film with great feeling!”

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Joe Orrigo
Eliza Rose Fichter
Harmony Stempel
Victor Warren
Seth Holbrook
Robert Shea
Ben Gettinger
Sara Louise Petersen
Steve Gagliastro

Produced by:
Thomas Tosi
Heidi Tosi


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