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Crystalborne Wiki epic RPG Video Game : Heroes of Fate –

Crystalborne Wiki epic RPG Video Game : Heroes of Fate

Crystalborne Wiki epic RPG Video Game : Heroes of Fate – is an epic RPG from Machine Zone Inc, and it’s currently available for iPhones and Androids everywhere. The game is all about rescuing, discovering, and uncovering mysteries of an alien race.

Your epic journey takes place in Horizon, a land of history and wonder. There are legendary heroes locked away within crystals for you to save and bring into your team.

In some ways, the game seems like it balances a few different genres. It’s mostly an RPG, but also has exploration like an MMO. That said, you shouldn’t go in expecting a traditional open world to explore.

Crystalborne Wiki epic RPG Video Game : Heroes of Fate -
Crystalborne Wiki epic RPG Video Game : Heroes of Fate –

It also has elements of strategy to it, as it’s important to use your attacks at the proper time. Lastly, with all of the exploration, it could also be categorized as an adventure game.

The game is deep and has many modes, features, and items for you to test out. It’s clearly quite an expansive title, so we figured we’d put together this here list of just about everything you should know about Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate.

There are several heroes to choose from

Heroes have been locked away in crystals to be saved by you, the Crystal Breaker. These legendary beings are the Crystalborne, and each have their own special powers and abilities.

There are also many that can be suited for your style of play or the look that you’re interested in. From angelic warriors to knights, and even interstellar beings, there is a wide range of characters to recruit to your cause. You can also build up each character’s meter to unleash their powerful special abilities.

There’s a story campaign to explore

While playing the campaign mode, you can take part in intense turn-based battles. As you fight on, trading blows, each Crystalborne will have the chance to fill their super meter as mentioned.

You’ll also be able to explore the mysterious archipelagos of Horizon and uncover their many secrets. This is a great way to balance fighting, adventure, and exploration in one game.

You’ll learn more about each Crystalborne as you continue to upgrade their abilities. Where did they come from? What’s this Crystal Breaker stuff all about?

The game features deep character customisation

As mentioned, you can upgrade your heroes as you go, which will make them more powerful in battle. This also means that they will receive new abilities.

They’ll also gain stronger supers which you give you an even bigger advantage. Reclaiming lost territories is another way to earn upgrades and helpful new improvements. On top of that, you can earn some fresh gear along the way to make later encounters a little less tricky.

Multiplayer is here to quench your thirst

If campaign mode isn’t really your thing, or if you just want to take a break from it, then you can play in multiplayer mode for some online action. In particular, you can enjoy some PvP battles to see who can reign supreme.

Assemble your very best squad and take on players from all over the globe in some epic duels on Horizon. It’ll be challenging, of course, but the rewards should be worth the effort.

You’ll be rewarded based on your performance after each battle with online players. The better you play, the better the gifts you’ll receive. And so go out and rise the ranks of Crystalborne greatness.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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