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Eyes Out – Award Winning Horror Short Film 2021

After returning home late from work, a young man follows a romantic scavenger hunt seemingly put together by his wife for his anniversary. Once he reaches the end of the hunt, he finds something much different than he expected.

Official Selection of New York City Horror Film Festival:
Official Selection | Award Winner of VHS Vancouver Horror Film Festival:

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“Eyes Out” By Julian Vetrone and Christian Vetrone

“Eyes Out” Credits:
Written & Directed by Julian Vetrone and Christian Vetrone
Cinematography & Editor by Julian Vetrone
Music & Sound Design by Patrick Delle Rose
Produced by Metal Monster Productions
Brandon Hughes as The Boyfriend
Lucas Vetrone as The killer
Brooke Kucab as Emma
Keria Delbianco as Emma
Jordan Henderson as The girl at the park
Daneil Jelic as The guy at the park
Spfx Makeup by Ariana Del Bainco
Editor (Colourist) by Erik Bayley
Visual Effects by Lance Fernades

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