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First Life Size Transformers Car that can Take real Passengers !!! Amazing News !!!

First Life Size Transformers Car that can Take real Passengers !!! Amazing News !!!

Transformers Car – The very First Life Size Transformers Car that can Take real Passengers has been unveiled by great engineers in Japan on April 25 2018. . Now actually owning your very own Life Size Transformers that really transform from Robot to Car is a reality.Just like in the cartoons you can get in the Transformers Car passenger seat and with flick of a switch transform into robot mode while safely tucked away in the passenger seat. Next step lets go for a walk and get some groceries … (o:

Transformers Car

Japanese engineers unveiled on Wednesday (April 25) a robot that transforms into a car that can actually carry people on board, in what they said was the first-ever such accomplishment in the history of robots. The 3.7-metre (12.1-feet)-tall two-seater robot “J-deite RIDE” can transform into a sportscar in a process that takes about a minute.

Transformers Car

It can technically walk at 30 km/h (18.6 mph) or run on its four wheels but developers said they’ve never really tested it outside the factory cargo bay area. CEO of Brave Robotics, Kenji Ishida, who initiated the co-project with Asratec, an affiliate of the Japanese mobile phone giant SoftBank, and a roller coaster manufacturer Sansei Technologies, said he was motivated by his childhood transformer heroes in anime movies.

Transformers Car

While admitting that it may seem like an expensive Transformers Car , Ishida said the robot is an attempt to inspire others and broaden the human imagination. Developers said they will begin with utilizing the technology in entertainment industry, such as amusement park and street parades but is not quite ready for personal home use yet but will be available in a few years time when technology becomes even more advanced… watch this space !!

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