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“FIRST TIMERS” – Starring Nick Merico, Comedy Short Film

After years of upholding her celibacy, Anna, a high school senior, decides it is time to get laid. But first, she must persuade her timid boyfriend (JC) he’s ready to do the deed. Written by Marc Isaacs.

Starring Sierra Michelle Green as “Anna”, #NickMerico as “JC”, and #JillVertes as “Mom” with Peggy Glenn as “Gram”
Directed by: Gilbert Sosa
Producer: Nick Jackson
Executive Producers: Andrew Listermann, Emerald Listermann, Scott Sheridan, Kevin Boston
Writer: Marc Isaacs
Assistant Director: Michael Joseph
DP: Donald R. Turner
Gaffer: Sarah Winters
Production Designer: Karla Legaspy
Hair & Makeup: Kourtney Cain
Sound Mixer: Max Nikoff
Editor: Michael James Hull
Dialogue Editor: BriElle Achterhof
Colorist: Reason Studio

First Timers is an ode to high school awkwardness, with our prude main character Anna (Sierra Green) wanting to lose her virginity to her meek boyfriend JC (Nick Merico). Also making an appearance is Dance Moms star Jill Vertes, as Anna’s suspicious mother, as well as a brief cameo from Peggy Glenn, AKA the “Tofucken” Thanksgiving lady.

“When you can tell they’re passionate about their work, it inspires the rest of the people involved in the project,” Sierra Green says of Gilbert Sosa as a director. “We felt that our voices were heard.”

Though Merico and Green are very open about their personal experiences being implemented in their performances, Sosa is much more modest. “I don’t have a lot of creative experiences to pull from, but I do have a very active imagination though, so that’s where the story came from,” he tells RIVETING, “I did not have to pull from personal experiences [laughing].”

The full First Timers film can be viewed above. RIVETING is coming off of a slate of other releases, with the hot new series The Real Ones featuring special guest Redman launching earlier this week, and RIVETING’s second short film Binary (starring Don Benjamin, from director Daniel CZ) releasing December 20th, 2019.

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