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Fortnite season six arrives with invisibility , pets Shadow Stones and MORE new skins

Fortnite season six arrives with invisibility and pets, Shadow Stones and MORE new skins

Fortnite season six arrives with invisibility and pets, Shadow Stones and MORE new skins

Fortnite season six arrives with invisibility , pets Shadow Stones and MORE new skins
Fortnite season six arrives with invisibility , pets Shadow Stones and MORE new skins

Are you ready to shift through walls?

Fortnite season six is finally here: begun. With a load of new content there is also a loss of content!. Yes. LOSS. “Darkness Rises,” is the theme for season six. Powers exhibited the otherworldly “The Cube.” have turned the island shadowy!

Brand new locations galore, a haunted castle (bet you cannot guess where that is situated?), a floating island in Loot Lake, and get this, “Corrupted Areas.” Is it a coincedence that Halloween is round the corner? A consumable of nomenclature ” a Shadow Stone”, which is a mini cube that grants you invisibility for a short period will typically feature at said spooky spots . When you are invisible, you will be unable to make use your weapons and you will only remain invisible if you stand still. Moving whilst invisible will leave behind a trail that may get the attention of rival enemy players. Things are going to get voyeuristic methinks.

Those EPIC HEROES at Epic Games stated that the Shadow Stones means increased speed of movement, improved jump height AND take the hit of damage when you fall on your butt :-). The stones will bind a “Phase” [think Avengers Vision] power that means you can pass through walls (and other stuff). Just remember it will only remain active for a mere 45 seconds. Pressing the aim button it can be cancelled. When y’all need to make a quick escape you will get why its important.

So to recap the Stones : Are an item users discover and use to gain new powers. Consuming a Shadow Stone means you metamorphosize a Shadow Form, found in patch notes posted by Epic Games. Players go invisible if they stand still without a peep, but should a player decide to move, they will be spotted because of the trail of shadow they leave behind. Some sweet perks are your bounty, phasing through objects, moving faster, falling on your backside with no damage regardless of height. The gain from the stones only lasts for 45 seconds.

Epic has also created new cosmetics to remain in keeping with the horror theme. Calamity and DJ Yonder are two outfits you get right away If you buy the Battle Pass.
As with each season of “Fortnite,” users can add a fresh Battle Pass which has lots of cool new addtions the kids gets very excited about. The really big update is the oncoming of pets! Instead of back bling choose a PET. Touts and teasers show a dragon, dog, lizards, but I’m sure there will be much more to unlock (and spend your hard-earned vbux on).

Say goodbye to the impulse grenade, suppressed SMG, LMG, bouncers and C4 (or remote explosives). They will, however, remain available in Playground mode. To balance the weapons, grappler charges will drop from 15 to 10, and double barrel shotgun damage has changed from 143/150 to 114/120.

Epic will group mouse and keyboard players in PC matchmaking in order to separate controller players from those who utilize a mouse and keyboard . Players can start a match with a mouse and keyboard if they want, then switch to a controller, yet they cant to do it vice versa.

Major update to the sound element of the game. It will now be easier to hear footsteps, the sounds of footstep will be more echoey. The pitch will be much lower depending on how further below the player is. The further below the player is, the lower the pitch, and it’ll be the opposite for rivals who have built above you. Glider sounds are now more obvious, ensuring you don’t get completely ambushed by a squad flying in from above.

Storm will close slower than before. There wont be as much waiting time between surges. .

Update your game. Its annoying but gotta be done. Check out all of the new areas, consumables, skins and emotes for yourself.

The sixth season of the massive video game hit “Fortnite” has finally arrived.

Just in time for the Halloween season, publisher Epic Games introduced a spooky theme called Darkness Rises, adding fresh skins and other perks including pets and a new item that can turn players invisible. The island looks a lot creepier
The updated map features several new areas to check out, including a floating island, corn fields and a corrupted area.

For those, who have not yet ridden the Battle Bus, “Fortnite” is a mental game, multi-player that has a “Battle Royale” where one hundred playas dive and chute on a “LOST” type island in an environment skin to “The Hunger Games movie” You can play alone, in duos or with a team of four, and its literally the last one standing that wins.

If, the players still have not sat down and had the chance to tackle Season 6, we have advised you everything you need to learn. Happy Gaming Boss!

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