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Good Vibes Gaming 5 Charities Fundraising Through Gaming

Good Vibes Gaming 5 Charities Fundraising Through Gaming

Good Vibes Gaming 5 Charities Fundraising Through Gaming

Good Vibes Gaming – The gaming industry has long embraced fundraising. Initially, developers used fundraising as a way to combat negative press surrounding some of the more unsavory gaming titles. However, in recent years, developers and the gaming community as a whole have emerged as key benefactors of charitable causes. In 2020, Twitch streamers raised a staggering £110 million for charity.

Interested in using your love of video games to raise money for causes close to your heart? Once you’ve completed your latest speedrun or checked the most recent 1337pro esports scores, you might want to explore some of the charitable organizations outlined below.


The AbleGamers Charity has been around since 2004. This charitable organization aims to improve the accessibility to video games for children suffering from life-altering disabilities. AbleGamers has worked with some of the biggest game developers on the planet, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Blizzard. This organization has spearheaded the development of adaptive gaming peripherals, with the Adroit controller being one of the most celebrated of these design innovations.

Extra Life

Extra Life is just one of several charitable programs operated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This particular initiative promotes an annual 24-hour gaming marathon, with proceeds distributed between eligible children’s hospitals. Unlike similar marathon events, you don’t necessarily have to stream your gameplay to participate. If you’re particularly tight for time, you also don’t need to worry about playing for the entire 24-hour period. In 2021, Extra Life raised more than $3,322,000 for charitable causes.

Games Done Quick

If you’re a gamer who loves nothing more than speedrun challenges, Games Done Quick is worth investigating. This organization takes inspiration from conventional marathon fundraisers but instead encourages participants to speed through their favorite games to bring in sponsorship money. This initiative splits proceeds between several worthy charities, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The most recent Games Done Quick speedrun marathon raised almost $2.8 million for charitable causes.


Child’s Play

There’s nothing worse than facing a lengthy spell in hospital. The experience can be even more distressing for children, which is where Child’s Play comes in. This organization strives to make hospital stays a more comfortable experience for youngsters, largely by donating video game consoles and other equipment to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In addition to providing gaming essentials to hospitals, Child’s Play also distributes hardware to places like domestic violence and family shelters. The charity is also very particular about the kind of games it donates to such locations, ditching violent titles and focusing on cooperative games instead.


BroadcastHER Initiative

BroadcastHER Initiative is just one of hundreds of charitable schemes that operate under the 1,000 Dreams Fund. This particular initiative aims to make it easier for women to enter the video gaming industry and balance out gender representation behind the scenes. With countless grants, mentorship schemes, and scholarships up for grabs, the BroadcastHER Initiative is making it easier than ever for girls and young women from all backgrounds to secure a career in an industry they’re passionate about.


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