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Here's How Wolverine Could Look In The MCU

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He’s the best there is at what he does. And what he does is design MCU characters.

A set of renderings of Wolverine drawn by former Disney artist Jason Pastrana in 2017 is making the rounds on the internet in anticipation of the X-Man’s eventual introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Several pieces were posted to Pastrana’s Instagram, and while it’s far from the only Marvel concept art on his page, his reimagined movie Wolverine may be the most intriguing.

Disney didn’t officially acquire the film and television assets of Fox Studios until earlier this year, so at the time this artwork was commissioned, the notion of the X-Men entering the MCU was not much more than speculation. Even so, Pastrana went to the trouble of designing at least nine different takes on Wolverine’s iconic mask, and you’ll notice that all of them downplay the parts of the mask resembling the points of his hair, which sometimes seem to stretch on into infinity in some of the character’s comic book depictions.

It’s worth noting the two “stealth” variants with the mouth and nose covered, a version with an X on the forehead, and the presence of a great, big, stinky stogie in every version where the mouth is visible. Odds are Disney would have nixed that detail.

Pastrana eventually settled on a version he liked, something of a combination between the designs numbered 2 and 5, and designed the entire costume, front and back.

As iconic as Hugh Jackman’s long run as Wolverine in the Fox-produced movies was, the character has never even come close to looking like this in a movie.

This version of Wolverine is a lot closer to what we’re familiar with from the comics. He looks older, downright grizzled, as if the MCU version of Wolverine would start out as aged and haggard as the one in Logan rather than ending there. The rendering of the face even looks a little bit like Jackman. It’s enough to make you wonder if, at some point, Disney execs were kicking around the notion of porting over the Fox version of the X-Men to the MCU before deciding to recast everyone except Deadpool. Keep watching the video to see here’s how Wolverine could look in the MCU!


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