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Horror Short Film “Animals” | ALTER

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*Flashing Lights Warning*

The wild transformation of nine people stuck in a metro.

“Animals” by Tue Sanggaard

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More About “Animals”:
Animals is an absurdist contemporary short film about the transformation of nine people stuck in a moving metro. What seems to be a normal day quickly takes a strange turn, when the metro doors refuse to open.The passengers failed attempts to get out, descends into frustrated chaos. Losing all sense of rationality, they go wild in order to ensure their own survival.

“Animals” Credits:
Script – Tue Sanggaard

Graphics – Lamberto Anderloni

Character Design – Maya Mckibbin, Lamberto Anderloni, Jasmin Christoffersen, Anne Flarup Thomsen, Tue Sanggaard

Storyboard – Tue Sanggaard, Elisabeth Vahle Janerka, Lamberto Anderloni, Kristina Silkjaer, Erlend Hjortland Sandoey, Charly K. Maartensson

Layout – Lasse Braendgaard, Elisabeth Vahle Janerka, Tue Sanggaard

Animation – Anne Flarup Thomsen, Elisabeth Vahle Janerka, Jasmin Christoffersen, Kristina Silkjaer, Lamberto Anderloni, Thinh Nguyen, Joel Stenback, Sofya Baychuk, Soeren Bro Sparre,

Camera – Tue Sanggaard, Elisabeth Vahle Janerka, Lamberto Anderloni

Compositing – Tue Sanggaard, William Fullagar, Maya Mckibbin, Lasse Braendgaard, Viljam Smed, Kathrine Amine Andersen

Music – Thomas Richard Christensen, Christian Schwarz Jensen, Patrick Ryming

Sound – Thomas Richard Christensen, Christian Schwarz Jensen, Patrick Ryming

Editing – Tue Sanggaard

Voice-over – Anne Flarup Thomsen, Kathrine Amine Andersen, Kristina Silkjaer, Lamberto Anderloni, Lasse Braendgaard, William Fullagar, Maya Mckibbin, Charly K. Maartensson

Supervising teachers – Uri Kranot, Tod Polson, Erik C. Schmidt, Leigh Russell, Svend Ghani Nordby &Team, Anja Perl, Michelle Nardone

Consultants – Jerrica Cleland, Lawrence Marvit. Luis Cook, DJ Cleland Hura, Christian Puille, Jean-Michel Boesch, Kasper Larsson, Jeanette Noergaard, Soeren Berg Noerbaek, Kay Delventhal

Thank you
Morten Thorning, The Staff of The Animation Workshop, Roberto Chevez, Bjorn Gromoll, Friends, Family, Classmates
Production Management
Charly K. Maartensson

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