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How Online Games for Girls Can Safely Introduce Your Kids to Tech Early

How Online Games for Girls Can Safely Introduce Your Kids to Tech Early

Do kids really need screen time at age 5? Science says yes.

To tablet, or not to tablet- that seems to be the question on nearly every parent’s mind. Screen time has gotten its share of bad press- and arguably for good reason, but like nearly everything in our lives, moderation is key. Too much screen time, or using electronics at an early age (less than two years), can cause some fairly serious developmental and social issues. But, just enough screen time at the right age, can actually help your child succeed later on in life.

While it’s up to the parents to decide when they start exposing their child to technology, early exposure has been linked to some pretty necessary life skills in adulthood. Finding the right outlets for your child’s need for screen can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, as hyper violent games aren’t anyone’s first choice, and cyber bullying is a problem. But choosing games that are specifically designed to offer your kids an imaginative, brightly colored, fun and friendly environment, brings out the best in technology. Online games for girls are an excellent place to find these titles. Prinxy, a website that offers non-violent and family friendly games for all, is a great example of this space. The types of games that Prinxy and sites similar offer, also disable chat functions and multiplayer options, keeping your child safe from predators and bullies.

Why Your Children Need to Know Tech

Keeping your child safe is always the most important thing, but still giving them the exposure, they require to gain necessary technological literacy is increasingly important within modern society. There are a multitude of benefits that your child can reap from early exposure to online games. For girls and boys alike.

They can help create skills for adulthood

Studies have shown that children who are exposed to technology at an early age, show higher levels of computer literacy and a wider breath of technological understanding in adulthood. This is particularly important in modern society as technology only continues to advance. Surely, technological literacy will play a huge part in your child’s future, whether it be in their careers, or in their daily life. Allowing your child to gain the fundamental understanding that these platforms require early on means that they will more easily be capable of adapting to future technological changes.

Online games for girls improve creativity and spatial reasoning

So many of the titles directly related to online games for girls are hyper focused on encouraging imaginative play- from designing the most beautiful cupcakes, to choose which hairstyle goes with what dress. Choosing from a myriad of options that are enticing to your little allows them neat infinite combinations and choices. It can also help them decide what piece of furniture fits best into their cafe, or where to move certain items to improve access. While at a glance, these types of games may seem merely whimsical, routinely interacting with these types of choices and learning from the outcome of making them, will help your child better understand the boundless limits of their abilities.

They can help build reading comprehension and time management skills

Games with simple storylines, or conversations between characters helps your child read- of course. But they also help your child process what they’re reading, which helps them to learn how to more appropriately respond to written commands, and gain a greater understanding of what the words are actually telling them. Games also help with time management, particularly those that require a child to first read directions, and then follow them in a timed scenario. Like caring for a sick animal in a specific way, within an allotted amount of time. These types of online games, for girls and for boys, can help your child to better prioritize their actions based on the instructions given.

Online games aid family bonding and leadership

Online games for girls are a great choice for Cosplay- especially for parents that aren’t exactly video game experts. Playing other popular titles can not only get extremely violent, but they can also come with some pretty convoluted control systems. Online games for girls are generally very simple, and allow your child to showcase their creative skills. They can also easily “teach” parents how best to play the game. This will help improve their confidence at performing leader roles. Giving parents the opportunity to show interest in what their child is creating, by playing right alongside them, or giving them feedback on their efforts. Proving that you don’t need to be a helicopter parent to get your child the appropriate screen time they need to develop vital skills.

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