How to Draw ANIME using only ONE PENCIL – Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners


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Digital Artist: Kusumint
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btw… This Anime Drawing Tutorial is just an encouragement for my viewers and lovely subscribers that you don’t have to buy all B to 8B graphites just to make drawings. May I present to you a “One Pencil” Tutorial that explains:
*How to draw outlines using only one pencil.
*How to shade properly using only 3B.
*How to draw without anything highlighters or mechanical pencils.
*There’s no need for expensive graphites to learn Anime Drawings.

Thanks for watching and thank u my baby subscribers.
please suggest more about Anime Tutorials and I’ll be glad to take note of it.
Luv u x47 hehe I’m so happy by your positive feedbacks and comments. Thank you so much.


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