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How to draw cartoon style Women, Children and Babies – Part 3

Drawing Cartoons looks like it should be easy, but it is not. Like anything else, it requires practice and a bit of knowledge. That’s not a problem, I’m here to help!

In the previous videos, I started out with stick man drawings to create the pose and the proportions of the character I wanted to draw.

The previous videos were: How to draw cartoon style people:

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Generally, ladies are a bit more curvy than men! So, when we sketch in the body, we need to add more to the chest and the hips.

Women are much more fun to draw than men, who wear pretty much the same outfit all the time.

Women’s clothes are so much more interesting. I like to keep Mrs Rayner’s shopping catalogues when she’s finished with them and use them as reference material for poses and clothes styles.

Drawing cartoon children is just the same, but they are smaller. Actually, you can draw their heads pretty much the same size as the adults -it’s the body that changes in proportion – shorter and narrower

Babies have huge heads and little scrunched up bodies, but the underlying stick baby frame is the same idea again, only the proportions are different.

If you want your characters to be a fuller size, as the catalogues like to call it, then the frame is exactly the same. You just have to add on a lot more body and larger size clothes.

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