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How to Draw Manga Female Body Proportions

How to Draw Manga Female Body Proportions

How to Draw Manga Female Body Proportions

How to Draw Manga Female Body Proportions

In this tutorial I show how I draw female body proportions.

Hair tutorial: https://youtu.be/1yTMqBEihyc
Hand Tutorial: https://youtu.be/kQKSWauNc4s

Manga has become one of the biggest global phenomenons in modern culture. From its origins in Japan, manga has since been translated into multiple languages and adapted into various forms of media such as anime, light novels and video games. It is a form of visual storytelling that is popular among both children and adults due to its wide range of genres and themes.

Manga can be traced back to the late 19th century when it first appeared as comic strips in Japanese magazines and newspapers. Over time, it evolved from a simple collection of sequential art panels into full-length stories with complex characters, intricate plots and stunning artwork. It has now become an integral part of pop culture around the world with millions of fans across all age groups. The genre continues to grow with new titles being released every year, allowing readers to explore intriguing new worlds filled with dynamic characters and exciting adventures.


Manga girl is a term used to describe the female protagonist of many popular Japanese manga (comic books) series. The manga girl is usually a strong-willed, independent character who is able to stand up for herself and her friends in times of trouble. In most cases, she has an inner strength that allows her to persevere despite the odds against her.

The look of the typical manga girl varies depending on the genre of manga being created. Some common characteristics seen among these characters are vibrant colors, large eyes with long lashes, and wild hair styles that often defy gravity! These features help create an instantly recognizable identity for each character which helps distinguish them from other characters in their respective stories. As such, they have become iconic representations within the world of anime and manga culture.

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How to Draw Manga Female Body Proportions


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