Huge MCU Movies Mistakes You Can't Forget

Huge MCU Movies Mistakes You Can't Forget

While the MCU films may be about superheroes, there are still lowly, fallible human beings writing the scripts, running the cameras, and working behind the scenes to make it all happen. Here’s an affectionate look at some of the biggest movie mistakes that have weaseled their way into the MCU so far.

Black Widow is as impressive a spy and assassin as ever walked the planet, and she’s demonstrated those talents on more than one occasion. However, none of them were quite as impressive as when she made her entrance early on in the first Avengers movie.

When Black Widow arrives on the screen, she’s tied to a chair, surrounded by a bunch of baddies who, by their own calculations, are in total control of the situation. Except, of course, they’re not.

Everyone got a kick out of the ensuing encounter, with Black Widow calmly flipping around, beating the crap out of the astonished bullies literally with two hands tied behind her back. The only problem? At one point in the struggle, she literally beats back one of the bullies with her hair. In a move that looks like it was probably supposed to be a headbutt to the face, Black Widow’s supercharged locks gently brush her opponent’s face only to send him reeling backward.

While this could’ve been a hint at some odd new superpowers to come, chances are it was just a poorly filmed stunt that slipped into the final cut.

Guardians of the Galaxy was a sweet ride, and a nice way for Marvel to expand the MCU into a more galactic mindset. It also was loaded with laughs, many of which traced their way back to Peter Quill’s Earth origins. Right in the opening scenes, we see Star-Lord using a cassette player to boogie down with “Awesome Mix Volume 1” blasting in his ears.

There’s no denying that, right along with the Avengers themselves, that mix is among the best things Marvel ever assembled, with the compilation going on to become the second soundtrack ever to sell over a million digital albums. But while everyone was busy toe-tapping to the music and laughing at the comical adventures of Quill and company, a quiet little detail slipped right past our nostalgic eyes: Star-Lord’s cassette is a TDK Type II “CDing 2” tape, a model that didn’t come out until 1993. Keep watching the video to see all the huge MCU movies mistakes you can’t forget.


Black Widow’s deadly hair | 0:00
Star-Lord’s mixtape | 1:17
Spider-Man Homecoming timeline | 2:25
Capital Hill | 3:42
What kind of survivor? | 4:30
Coordinates to nowhere | 5:33
Birth date…s? | 6:23
Doctor Strange’s mask | 7:09
Boots or sandals? | 8:04
Cap’s hair | 8:51

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