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Hulk: 10 More Powers You Never Knew He Had

10 Things the Hulk Can Do Other Than Smash
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For most people being the strongest person in the Marvel Universe might be enough of a superpower to get one by. Since most of us don’t have any superpowers one is just fine, and one as powerful as the Hulk’s is even better. That’s not how the Hulk rolls, though. When Bruce Banner did his gamma radiation experiment he didn’t just give himself a stronger angrier half, he also gave that half some extra powers to make that super strength all the more menacing. There are some things that come with the levels of strength the Hulk has naturally and then there are some powers that you wouldn’t guess he’d have, like the one to deal with Bruce’s dead dad Brian Banner. There are powers that people from the planet Sakaar or his cousin Jennifer Walters aka the She Hulk know all too well. Or powers that come in handy when traveling with space faring heroes like Thor. The Hulk is so powerful that it might mean that there isn’t enough in this univers to even kill the Hulk. There are powers that villains like Speedfreak found out in the most disturbing way. With all of that power the Hulk might just might be one of the most powerful beings in Marvel. If only he wasn’t so prone to anger and smashing. Let’s take a look at ten of Hulk’s power that gets overshadowed by all the crushing and the smashing.


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