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Hunting Ground – how do loot boxes work? – TheSixthAxis

As with just about any video game with online multiplayer, Predator: Hunting Grounds features loot boxes.

Referred to as “Field Lockers” in-game, each chest is stuffed with a random trio of rewards and you can earn them through either levelling up or spending some of that sweet Veritanium you’ve been stashing away.

This brief guide will fill you in on everything you need to know about Field Lockers in Predator: Hunting Grounds.

It’s worth mentioning up top that all of the rewards you plunder from Field Lockers are cosmetic only and offer no gameplay advantages. They’re purely there for an added layer of customisation, allowing you to pimp your Predator and Fireteam trooper with various skins, gear, and shaders.

How to get more Field Lockers

The simplest way to land yourself Field Lockers is to simply play back to back matches, unlocking them as you level up your profile. Sometimes you’ll unlock more than one, depending on which rank you’ve hit.

Field Lockers can also be purchased using Veritanium, Predator’s virtual currency. Right now a Standard Field Locker will set you back 500 Veritanium which can also be earned by just playing the game. However, we’d strongly recommend seeking out this precious material during each match. While completing objectives as a Fireteam make sure you search every nearby building to maximise your income.

Currently, there is no way to purchase Field Lockers or Veritanium using real money. Illfonic plans to announce more about Predator’s post-launch support in the near future which could certainly include some form of paid DLC or microtransactions.

What’s inside Field Lockers

So, what can you actually get from a Field Locker? As touched on before, all the rewards here are purely focused on changing the appearance of your character.

Loot drops come in five different colours, signifying the rarity of a particular item: Blue is Common, Purple is Uncommon, Pink is Rare, Red is Exotic, and Gold is Mythical.

When popping open a Field Locker expect three random rewards. It won’t be too long before you start unlocking duplicates of the same item though Predator gives you some Veritanium back in exchange which scales to its rarity.

Should I buy Field Lockers?

All of the items you get from Field Lockers can be purchased individually via the game’s customisation menus. However, buying a specific hat, shader, or set of “Predlocks” can cost several thousand Veritanium.

If you’re dead set on an exotic piece of gear than aim for that instead of wasting that currency and rolling the dice with Field Lockers.

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