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Is Frieza from Jump Force Overpowered?

Is Frieza from Jump Force Overpowered?

Is Frieza from Jump Force Overpowered?
Is Frieza from Jump Force Overpowered?

If you are familiar with the Dragon Ball universe, then you must know that there is no opponent for Goku more persistent than Frieza. He returns every few episodes to try and destroy Goku, with a consistency that would make even the crashes in capitalism jealous. This life-sucking alien has been added to the Jump Force universe, and since the beginning, he has been one of the strongest characters in the game.

This is why we were stunned to see that ProClockers ranked him as D-Tier in their Tier List, and we felt compelled to respond with this article. Many people in the community are asking for him to get nerfed, considering him to be a bit overpowered. It might be that these people have lost one too many times from Frieza, or that they just haven’t tried to play him for themselves. In any case, that is the voice of the community.

In this article, we are going to analyze if this is actually the case with Frieza. Is he overpowered?

Who is Frieza?

If you are wondering what Frieza does, then probably you have only been to the receiving end of his abilities. Let us break it down.

Frieza can unleash a super-powerful beam that has great range and is amazing for zoning his opponents. He can use this ability at the end of a rush combo for some extra damage to an opponent that is trying to get up. This will get the enemy (if executed correctly, at about 60% of his HP. Pretty strong.

He has the “You might die this time” ability that is great for closing the distance between you and the enemy without a lot of effort. It is great to use for finishing opponents that are trying to keep a safe distance or against zoners.

If you add to his abilities his “Death Saucer”, which is practically a boomerang that can hit the opponent two times, you can start to understand why he is such a terrifying foe. You can’t run away from him because he can close the distance very easily, and if by some chance you manage to stay away from him, you are going to get punished by his boomerang. It seems like a pit of despair. But that’s not all.

The best thing about him is his ultimate ability. If his meter is full, he can finish you in a matter of seconds with his “Death Ball”. Even if he doesn’t hit you, the debris he leaves behind is enough to make you lose track of where he is, making it easy to surprise-attack you.

Now that you know how Frieza works, you might be able to associate what happened to you when playing against him with his abilities. After all this he seems like an even more terrifying opponent, right? Very strong attacks that seem to deplete your HP with a couple of moves. How the hell is this character still in the game? Let us tell you our opinion.

Is Frieza Overpowered?

The answer is no.

Frieza might be one of the strongest characters in his universe and the Jump Force universe, but he is as balanced as it can be in a game like Jump Force. You have to spend a lot of time learning his move pattern and his timings to be able to pull-off his combos. If you add to that his frame data, that are leaving him open to counterattacks you can see why the top players are not considering him overpowered. Of course, he is strong and is usually picked first, but not overpowered. If you want to learn more about Frieza, we would recommend you to try him out a bit especially against skilled players, to see how hard it is to master his abilities and combos.

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