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Jagex Fixed the Reworked Wilderness Bosses

Jagex Fixed the Reworked Wilderness Bosses

Could the Reworked Wilderness Bosses Affect OSRS GP Gains?

The reworked Wilderness Bosses have already imposed a few challenges, but Jagex has timely fixed them.

The wilderness bosses have been reworked. The official launch was on January 25th, when many players enthusiastically grouped up to try out the new bosses or even went solo to kill their lesser versions. This is because the new bosses promised more OSRS Gold per hour and the chance to kill or be killed by other players as well as the opportunity to be one of the first to get one of the new uniques from the bosses, which, due to their initial scarcity could bring players loads and loads of OSRS GP. However, by being one of the first players to experience the feel of the new content, Jagex also subjected you to being one first to experience stuff not working as intended.


Underlying Problems

Players were greeted with bugs when they started doing the reworked wilderness bosses. For starters, one of the uniques, the Voidwaker, did not appear on the Grand Exchange, so regardless of how cheap, you were willing to sell it. While you could still trade the item directly with other players, this represented a critical issue for Jagex as it ultimately affected one of the essential OSRS gold sinks, the Grand Exchange tax. Therefore, a fix was immediately delivered by Jagex.

A relatively minor issue, in comparison, was that the broken version of the Dragon pickaxe, which Jagex gave new potential sources with this update, would not show in the collection log. Going back to the bosses themselves, the loot they dropped was initially only shared with five players, and bigger groups experienced a lot of frustration with this. Jagex initially increased the loot spread to up to 15 players but then backed down and allowed a maximum of 10 eligible players to receive loot from each KC.

This is because many players felt that the bosses needed to be more rewarding to justify the increased risk of stepping into the wilderness, especially in deep wilderness where the entrances to the boss layers are. Jagex increased the base loot quantity but decreased the maximum number of players who can receive it to keep things balanced.


Artio is the soloable version of Callisto, and it encountered a visual issue where its head clipped when the player was in melee range. Another fix brought to Artio is that the boss is now immune to the Recoil Ring’s damage.


The bigger bear also received some attention. For example, wearing the Ring of Wealth when facing this boss did not work, and you still had to pick up the OSRS GP drops manually. He is also immune to the recoil ring.


Jagex also fixed the weaker version of Vet’ion, and here you’ll see some adjustments to the boss’s mechanics further than becoming immune to the recoil damage. Calvar’ion’s special attacks will no longer account for how many players there are in the area. For example, you’ll always have him spawn up to seven lighting strikes and only summon two hounds.


Spindel, the lesser version of Venenatis, was also changed to ignore the number of players around and will always spawn up to ten spiderlings. Its bugged HP bar has also been fixed, so you can have better visuals regardless of the attack animations.


Venenatis is the reworked Wilderness boss that had most of the issues. For example, the boss hit hard, harder than Jagex originally wanted, and with the boss being able to hit through protection prayers, it felt overwhelming for many of the players. Therefore Jagex “rearranged Venenatis’ damage through Prayer from being rolled then capped at 30 to being capped at 30 and then rolled”.

Similarly to its lower version, Venenatis hitpoints bar was also getting bugged during some attack animations, and Jagex also fixed this issue. Similarly to Callisto, the giant spider refused to conform to the Ring of wealth’s automatic pick up of gold.

Ongoing Issues

Even though Jagex has fixed the most urgent matters, there are still a few ongoing issues that Jagex is either trying to find solutions for or monitoring. For example, Venenatis hits when her spiderlings are up are a bit too hard, which Jagex intended. However, because of the unanimous opinion of the community, Jagex is trying to find solutions.


Even though Ironman players cannot obtain OSRS GP by trading the drops with other players, killing these bosses is still worth it for their uniques and as a way to earn and progress their accounts. However, Ironman trying to take down the soloable versions of the bosses was frustrating because it was easy to lose kills to someone else. Jagex’s quick fix was to make the bosses immune to recoil ring damage so that the likelihood of especially unintentional steals is lowered. Now, ironmen with OSRS accounts for sale can enjoy making some OSRS gold and getting drops from the new Wilderness bosses.


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